Jewellery design by John Peebles

Since the 1970’s, John has travelled the world to source the finest silver, gold and gems which adorn the women of the tropical north coast of NSW

John’s fascination with exotic tribal jewellery started in the mid 1970’s when his curiosity took him to the earth’s remotest corners and cultures. He was enthralled by the craftsmanship of the silversmiths who create artistic masterpieces with the simplest of tools.

Inspired by example, John began creating his own designs in 1977, and continued to travel sourcing the finest materials. From the smallest rural villages in India, to the high mountains of Tibet. From the delicate goldsmiths of Bali to the N.W. Frontier for the best Lapis Lazuli, the journey continues.

Maintaining a work-life balance, raising a family in the lush hinterland of North Coast New South Wales, surfing the pristine waves, he finds the perfect environment for creative expression.


Constantly evolving designs, the finest quality gemstones,
ancient symbolism with fine detail. 

Cutting edge designs for the modern era.

Here, now, for you.


1st Sunday of the month

Byron Bay Market

2nd Sunday of each month

The Channon Market

4th Sunday of the month

Bangalow Market